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IFY Adult Chinese program

Introduction 簡介

I Fly Young School was founded in 2013. With nearly ten years of providing educational service, we are one of the well-recognized Mandarin bilingual schools in the community. We serve a wide range of students. From kindergarten students all the way to college graduates in pursuit of careers. We also provide guidance and teaching for every school subject and every job field.

We are located at the heart of the city of Fremont in Alameda County. Fremont is the fourth-highest populated Asian community in the Bay Area. It is the closest county to Silicon Valley. In 2021 Fremont was rated as one of the best cities for growing families and one of the happiest cities in America. (A poll taken by compared 182 cities across the country).


Some of the most distinctive qualities of I Fly Young are:

  1. Dedicated and professional teachers: We currently have 25 teachers. All teachers are bilingual. All Chinese language teachers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Therefore, we have a strong team of teachers and admin.
  2. Spacious facility and classrooms: our school is situated at Forerunner Christian Church’s 10.4-acre property. Other than spacious classrooms, we have playgrounds, a basketball court, ping pong tables, etc. It’s a wonderful place to hold all kinds of events.


Our mission for the Chinese language is to impact all grade levels of students to “fall in love” with the beauty of the Chinese culture through Chinese classes. Our purpose is so that no matter where the students “fly” to, they may can “make known” the beauty and the impact that the Chinese culture has on the world.

Therefore, near the end of 2022, we are officially partnering with OCAC to initiate Adult Chinese Program in 2023.

Courses 課程特

I Fly Young’s Adult Chinese Program will be mainly taught in traditional characters. The teaching content will be divided into three parts:


  1. Practical day-to-day life subject
  2. Basic conversation
  3. Advanced conversation (including career language on a need basis)
  4. Chinese culture class: learning the Chinese culture through food, clothing, housing, transportation, and recreation.
  5. Field trips to Taiwan: We encourage students to bring their families or invite friends to visit Taiwan during the summer vacations. While in Taiwan, we also recommend that students join Chinese language centers for in-depth learning of Chinese culture.